Wobbly Boat Race

ART Marine Marinas recently hosted Wobbly Boat Race for the second year at Al Bandar Marina, Abu Dhabi. A total of 12 teams, each team counting between 4 to 6 participants, registered to this event. The rules were simple and straightforward: each team received 3 sheets of plywood, 5 long wooden batons, ropes, duct tape, silicon glue, nails and screws, and they had to build a boat within 3 hours. No assistance from outside was allowed of course but many viewers encouraged the teams throughout the event. Once the construction part was over, all boats were transferred to the water, ready for the race through Al Bandar Marina. They had to carry at least one person and be propelled by human or natural power. Building a boat was apparently not as easy as it looked and some of the boats sank or flipped over once the sailors launched the boats in the water; persistent team members paddled and pushed their boats all along the way through the marina and across the finish line.
There were 2 winners for the Best Decorated Boat contest and they received a Dhow cruise with their family member courtesy of Hydro Marine Sports. In the Speedy Boat category two teams were announced winners when they reached the finish line and they were awarded with complimentary tickets for Yas Water World. Bruno Meier, General Manager of ART Marine Marinas, said We are delighted to see that our initiative appealed to so many individuals and companies. It was a fun day, a great community event for Al Bandar, and a chance for companies to practice their team-building skills. We aim at organizing more events at Al Bandar Marina, and we look forward to welcoming even more participants to the 3rd edition of the Wobbly Boat Race.


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