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Protection and preserving the environment is a key marina management principle at ART Marine Marinas
  • We devise and implement location-specific environmental management plans and environmental management systems
  • Our standard Rules & Regulations make mandatory the usage of spring-loaded nozzles on all hose pipes, thus greatly reducing water wastage
  • We encourage the study of turning the marina into a carbon neutral operation
  • We propose registering the marina in the “Blue Flag” and “Clean Marina” scheme
  • Our SOP’s have very strict procedures in order to avoid fuel or oil spillage
  • Our standard Rules & Regulations condemn the usage of detergents that are not biodegradable. Discharge of grey or black water overboard is of course also forbidden
  • All yachts are encouraged to adhere to the “Boat’s Environmental Code of Practice” that is part of the “Green Blue” scheme
  • We cooperate with all international and national environmental organizations

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